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Kurdish dishes take many of the best aspects of Arab, Turkish, Armenian, Assyrian and Persian cuisine, and add even more fresh herbs, subtle spices and lots of vegetables that are native to their region. We uphold the authentic tradition of Kurdish cuisine here in Cape Town. We are determined to maintain the old Kurdish traditions and to showcase traditional and modern Kurdish kitchen.


First Kurdish Restaurant In South Africa

You can share in a selection of meze and dine on dishes specially prepared on a traditional tandoori wood fire, our food is also Halaal.

Take off your shoes and recline on kilim cushions around antique copper tables, in a venue that is richly decorated with genuine hand-made kilims and Kurdish artefacts that create the ambience and conviviality of Mesopotamia, one of the world’s greatest civilisations.

Enjoy the congenial atmosphere while sipping fragrant tea poured from a samovar or enjoy a lavish meal and be entertained by mesmerising Kurdish folksong and the sensuous enchantment of a belly dancer.

Address: Green Market Square, 36 Burg St & Shortmarket Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001

Trading Hours:Opens 08h30 am – 12h00 am

Phone: 021 426 4466

Cell (+27) 068 259 1301